Today Viktoriia Ostapchuk was one of the module “Intellectual Property” lecturers in the course of Legal High School “Legislative short stories – 2021. Effective construction of the work of a lawyer.” As a result of the IP reform in 2020, we have received many innovations in procedural matters. One of the radical changes concerned the procedure for submitting and considering oppositions against trademark applications. It became interesting to compare how the new approach relates to those in Europe and the United States and whether we can benefit from their practice. This topic Viktoriia discussed today at a course of the Legal High School.

In general, the new rules regarding the opposition fixed period after the publication of a trademark application reflect the usual procedures in Europe and the United States. The basis for the new regulations was the procedure for filing oppositions against EUTM. The term for filing oppositions of 3 months is now set in Ukraine. However, there are many differences in the opposition procedure, which may still be partially reflected in the bylaws, rules and explanations. For today we are waiting for their development. In addition, we agitate clients for carrying out regular monitoring of the submitted applications for registration of TM carefully.