Unfair competition

Competitors may be disliked, but they should be respected. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this rule. Synergy specialists provide qualified assistance in protection against cases of unfair competition (actions of competitors that are contrary to trade and other fair practices in business).

Types of unfair competition we will help you overcome:

• illegal use of business reputation by copying commercial designations (TM, trade names), outer appearance and packaging of goods, advertising materials, periodicals, etc;

• applying someone else’s marks to the goods of your production;

• comparative advertising that contradicts the rules of fair competition;

• damage to your business reputation (discrediting by a competitor) by disseminating in any form false, inaccurate or incomplete information related to a person, activity or goods;

• dissemination by a business entity of misleading (incomplete, inaccurate, untrue) information about its activities, goods or services, which may affect the intentions of others to purchase (order) or market (sell, supply, perform, provide) goods, works or services of this business entity;

• illegal actions in relation to trade secrets – their collection, distribution and use.

How we can help:

• Conduct an analysis and provide advice on the existence of actions which show signs of unfair competition;

• Develop a strategy for conflict resolution;

• Settle the conflict peacefully i.e. prepare a claim, negotiate with the violator and monitor voluntary compliance;

• Prepare an application to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and follow through with its consideration;

• Prepare a court lawsuit for protection against unfair competition and follow through with the case.

Competitors violate your rights? We will help!