IP Agreements

Contracts with Intellectual Property Objects

In conducting almost any business, the need arises to regulate relations that will concern intellectual property rights in one way or another. This can be either a simple transfer of trademark rights or the construction of a complex software distribution system. NB: the settlement of legal relations in which intellectual property is involved should be performed exclusively by contract. However, whether the contract will protect the interests of the parties depends on the specialists’ qualifications.

Our agency’s team of lawyers has spent tens of thousands of hours on the painstaking development of all possible types of IP contracts. Each relationship is unique, so an individual approach and maximum concentration of knowledge and experience are used to develop each document.

Common types of contracts involving intellectual property objects:

– License agreements for the right to use copyright, trademarks, inventions, industrial designs, and know-how;
– Agreements on the transfer (assignment) of intellectual property rights;
– Agreements on the transfer (assignment) of intellectual property rights;
– Contracts related to computer programs such as supply, software licensing, Software as a Service (SaaS), end-user license agreements (EULA), etc.
– Franchise agreements.
– Confidentiality agreements.

By contacting us for the contract development service, clients (in addition to the contract itself) receive:
– Support of negotiations with the counterparty right through to the signing of the contract;
– Terms of the contract that will satisfy both parties to the greatest possible extent;
– Selection of the most optimal means of payment;
– Consultation about taxation of payments under the contract, including with non-residents;
– Complete confidentiality of any commercial information;
– Developed templates of primary documentation under the contract (orders, invoices, acts, etc.).
– Further support and advice about the implementation of the contract.

Need an IP contract? Call us!

Some types of contracts regarding intellectual property objects are subject to mandatory state registration with the Patent Office. Such agreements concern the transfer of rights to trademarks, industrial designs, and inventions / utility models. The specialists of our agency will also help with all the necessary registration actions.

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