Copyright registration in Ukraine

How to register a copyright in Ukraine?

  • Contact our agency.
  • Conclude an agreement for providing services with an agency, provide a copy of the work for registration, pay for services and the necessary government fees.
  • Go on with your business while the agency’s specialists draw up and submit all the necessary documents for registration of the work, pay the fees, wait for the certificate to be issued, receive it, and give it to you.

The Ministry of Economic Development carries out the actual state registration of copyright for a work in Ukraine. The copyright registration period is 2-2.5 months. When considering an application, the department does not examine the work and does not establish the origin of authorship but checks the documents for compliance with formal requirements.

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Contracts with objects of copyright

The most common contracts:

  • On the transfer (alienation) of rights to an object of copyright i.e. property rights are fully or partially transferred to the ownership of a new owner;
  • On the granting of copyright for temporary use (license agreement) i.e. property rights in whole or in part are given for use for a specified period.
  • On creating a copyright object to order (commissioning agreement), i.e. an object of copyright is created by the author based on the agreement’s terms. Then the proprietary copyright to the created object can be transferred or provided for use to the customer.

In Ukraine, state registration of contracts that relate to the author’s right to a work is not mandatory. But it has the same benefits as copyright registration.

Therefore, experts strongly recommend registering agreements concerning the author’s rights to a work, since such registration will serve as an additional guarantee that the parties’ interests are observed.

The agency’s lawyers will help you determine the type of agreement, develop the necessary agreement from scratch or study, modify an existing agreement, negotiate with counterparties, settle all the nuances of payments and taxation, and register the agreements.

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