Trademark registration

Your goal is to register a trademark. Our task is to do everything to achieve this goal. Agency services include full support of the process of trademark registration in the Patent Office of Ukraine or abroad from the preparation of an application and payment of state fees to obtaining a certificate for the TM and handing it over to you.

How is a trademark protected?

  • a TM is protected based on registration with the Patent Office;
  • it is registered in relation to certain goods and services; for the purpose of registering trademarks, all goods and services are divided into 45 classes according to the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS). It is necessary to indicate in the application the classes of goods and/or services for which the TM is planned to be used;
  • it is protected territorially i.e. it must be registered in each country in which it is planned to be used.

Who can own a trademark?

Individuals and / or legal entities (residents and non-residents) can register a trademark in the territory of Ukraine.

What kinds of trademarks are there?

A wide variety of trademarks can be registered: verbal, pictorial, combined, volumetric, sound, light, etc.
A verbal trademark is a designation that consists of letters, numbers, their combinations and other symbols that appear on the keyboard layout.

A pictorial trademark is a designation that consists only of graphic elements.

A combined trademark is a designation that contains a combination of verbal and pictorial parts.


A volumetric trademark is often a three-dimensional designation: product packaging, container, etc.

Other designations are sound, light, and others.

What trademarks cannot be registered?

There are quite a lot of criteria for refusing to register a trademark. For example, trademarks that imitate the names of states, coats of arms and flags, commonly used and descriptive designations for specific goods or services, those contrary to moral norms, those violating other people’s rights and many others cannot receive legal protection.

Most of the criteria are difficult to analyze on your own. Therefore, before approving your logo, you need to contact an intellectual property specialist to assess your logo’s protectability. Synergy’s patent attorneys and lawyers will help you to provide your brand with reliable legal protection.

How is a logo registered?

The most reliable way is to contact patent attorneys who will do everything for you!

Of course, you can register a trademark yourself i.e. figure out the procedure, fill out and submit an application to the Patent Office, pay the necessary fees and track the registration process. To do this, it is enough to study a dozen standard regulations and a pile of judicial expertise. However, the time you spend will definitely cost more than our services. And if something goes wrong, the involvement of specialists is likely to be inevitable anyway.
What rights does a trademark certificate give to its owner?

– to use the TM for goods and services for which it is registered;

– to prohibit the use of the TM by other persons in relation to the goods and services for which it is registered;

– to give the right to use the TM to other persons (issue licenses);

– to transfer the rights to the TM (sell, bequeath);

– to contribute the TM to the authorized capital;

– to register a domain name in the .UA zone.

What do the rights of the TM owner not include?

– the rights of other persons that arose before the date of filing an application for the TM;

– the use of the TM for goods put into circulation under this TM by the owner or with his permission;

– non-commercial use of the TM (for example, in reference books);

– mentioning the TM in news and news comments;

– mentioning it in comparative advertising, which does not contradict legislation on advertising and protection against unfair competition.

How to renew the registration of a trademark?

The trademark validity period is 10 years from the date of filing the trademark application.

This period can be renewed every 10 years for an infinite number of times. To do this, it is necessary to pay the appropriate fees at the prescribed times.

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