Registration of industrial designs

What is an industrial design?

An industrial design is the result of creativity in the field of artistic design, which determines the external and aesthetic appearance (design) of the product, i.e. shape, colors and their combinations, and pattern.

What can be an industrial design?

Examples of industrial designs: artistic and construction solutions for car body parts, interior design, furniture design, clothing, etc.

How to protect the design?

Reliable protection of the design is achieved by its registration, resulting in a certificate. The industrial design certificate protects the external appearance of the product or part thereof, as determined in particular by the lines, contours, color, shape, texture and / or material of the product and / or its finish.

What are the requirements for registration of an industrial design?

The main conditions for the protectability of an industrial design are its novelty and individual character. For registration of an industrial design, its images are provided, which will determine the scope of legal protection of the industrial design.
An industrial design is protected territorially, i.e. separately in the territory of each country in which it is planned to be used.

How to register a design?

By contacting our agency, you receive full support for the registration of an industrial design – from drawing up an application and preparing drawings to obtaining a certificate and handing it over to you.
A standard registration of an industrial design in Ukraine nowadays takes from 9 to 12 months.
* The cost of registration is influenced by many factors in addition to deadlines.

We will protect your design

Maintaining the validity of the industrial design certificate

The term of protection of an industrial design is 5 years from the date of filing the application for the industrial design. The holder may extend the validity of the certificate for one or more five-year periods, but the total validity of the rights is restricted to 25 years.
A fee is paid annually for maintaining the certificate in force. If payment is not made within the prescribed period, such certificate will cease to be valid. This will lead to the fact that any person will be able to freely use the object of intellectual property, which is protected by such a certificate.

Our agency will help you to:
– track the terms of maintaining the validity of the certificate;
– calculate the amount of fees depending on the scope of rights;
– make an application for the renewal of the certificate and pay the fees.

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