Every year, the World Trademark Review is like a snowdrop – the first flower among IP Awards. And we are very excited about its results – Synergy is in the silver league of Trademark Professional companies!

It is said that since its establishment 14 years ago, the “reliable and experienced” Synergy IP Law Agency has registered countless trademarks for, and robustly defended the interests of, a host of clients for which impermeable brand protection is a top priority. The feedback is uniformly positive: “The service provided by Synergy is constructive, smooth, prompt, accurate and always professional. Its opinions on trademark matters in Ukraine are well informed and show a deep level of knowledge.” Running the show is Viktoriia Ostapchuk, who is admired for her “creative approach to challenging projects” and refined grasp of asset structuring and IP taxation issues. Colleague Anna Kravchuk maintains a broad practice, but is at her best on transactional assignments and internet-related projects.

Thanks to all involved for the warm feedback and congratulations to all the colleagues marked in the WTR 1000 2021 ranking!