Куда угодно


Essence: legal support

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Alisa Boyko

Legal support of Kuda Ugodno Travel Company. The franchising model on working with travel agents was developed for the client, which is being actively implemented today. The company provides a full package of services to the client on any legal issues, ranging from corporate rights and tax considerations to establishing contractual relationships with partners and contractors.


YuriyBiryukov, Development Director of Travel Company “Kuda Ugodno”

We have been cooperating with Synergy for a long time. We do not have in-house lawyers, and we trust them to solve any issues. And I can say that we have never regretted that decision. In any situation, even the most unforeseen, they rendered, and hopefully will be rendering further, various assistance – ranging from the issues on enterprise registration and cooperation with franchising offices to consulting on various legal and taxation issues. We are very pleased that the company always shows interest in our success and never leaves us alone in challenging situations. Any issues are always solved in a timely and effective manner. I always know that I can count on their support.