IQ taxi

Client: «IQ taxi»

Essence: legal startup support

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Alina Berestovskaya

Legal support of IQ Taxi startup – a mobile application for calling a taxi by a mobile phone without contacting an operator. A legal opinion was made for the client concerning legal regulation of the project system functioning; contractual relationships were established with taxi drivers; terms of use were developed for customers.


“IQ taxi”

For us, as a startup project, it was essential to arrange work wisely and legally correct, so that nothing was neglected and service was reliable in operation. The agency “Synergy” helped us greatly with that. First of all, lawyers engaged into specific features of service functioning and studied system’s general principles in detail. We were offered a legal opinion, including the solution of issues on selecting types of economic activity, tax mitigation, possible communication models with taxi drivers. In accordance with the work conducted, intellectual property items were revealed and registered, and required agreements were developed. Cooperation with lawyers of the agency “Synergy” has left only positive impression. We hope that reliable legal foundation will contribute to prosperity of our project.