Client: Oleg Bazhenov

Essence: CardKit mobile application

Specialists: Viktoriya Ostapchuk, Alisa Boyko

Legal arrangements for the Cardkit project – a mobile application allowing users to keep all discount cards in electronic form in a mobile device. Contractual relationships were established between the client and entrepreneurs-partners, providing card-based promotional offers and discounts. Also, professional advice was given, and corresponding documents on security and legal management of application users’ personal data were developed.


Oleg Bazhenov, CardKit mobile application

CardKit is an innovative application, allowing you to save money while purchasing goods and services, as well as to save space in your wallet. While developing this application, it was essential to protect intellectual property before its release. I applied to patent attorneys of the agency “Synergy” and have never regretted that, as I was offered a full range of services, including development of an agreement with designers and programmers, registration of copyright, trademark and utility models. Applying to this agency, you can be sure that you will find an answer to any question, connected with but not limited to intellectual property.