Some people prefer spending weekends outdoors, and others are busy studying and teaching.  This weekend, Victoria Ostapchuk and Anna Kravchuk have devoted their time to teaching a course on IT Law.  This course was arranged by the Law Department of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla  Academy and  “ IT Ukraine” Association and  was intended for legal professionals who want to become proficient in IT Law.  The course syllabus consists of 6 modules designed for 6 weekends.  Victoria and Anna taught one of the modules devoted to the specific rules for the application of intellectual property rights in IT. During the two days of intensive theoretical and practical training, the course participants learned about all the things related to the protection of intellectual property rights for software products – from the registration of IP objects and strategies for their protection in Ukraine and worldwide to concluding agreements on the disposition of rights for software products and building tax models. In addition, the interesting practical cases enabled the participants to try themselves as plaintiffs and defendants in law proceedings concerning computer programs, which helped them to assimilate the knowledge and master the skills.

After completing the course, the participants obtained certificates of successful course completion, in addition, 5 best course participants will have internship opportunities at IT companies with the prospect of employment.  The acquired knowledge is sure to be useful for the participants.  Success in the IT business is impossible without the protection of intellectual rights, which are the main value of information technology.  If you want to become an IT Law Pro, check for updates of the course syllabus and for the new enrolment, which is expected in spring of 2020.