Today, within the framework of the School of Intellectual Property, the Legal High School hosted a workshop dedicated to the protection in the World Intellectual Property Organization. Viktoriia Ostapchuk was one of the lecturers and spoke about algorithms for recordal IP objects in the Customs register. It should be mentioned that the law “On Amendments to the Customs Code of Ukraine Concerning the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights upon the transportation of goods across the customs border of Ukraine” No. 202-IX of 17.10.2019 has recently entered into force. So Viktoriia paid special attention to the changes that were made to the Customs Code. The listeners were also able to find out what changes will be in the regulation of recordal IP objects. The regulation is currently being discussed and is being prepared for adoption.

Regarding the realities of protection of IP rights at customs, Viktoriia has analyzed many examples of court practice, and also shared the practice of our company. In the end, Viktoriia paid attention to the order of protection of IP in the customs acting in the European Union.

Thanks to Legal High School for organizing the event and for allowing sharing useful information.