Dear colleagues and friends, you may have seen that recently some news was shared regarding the transformation of the Ukrainian IP Office. Specifically, that the newly established organization, Ukrainian National Office for Intellectual Property and Innovations (UkrNOIPI) replaced Ukrpatent. It is mentioned that some delays occurred, in particular, in the filing of applications.
While recent changes indeed caused some issues, it is possible to submit applications and other documents in hardcopies and the filing dates are retained. Thus, Ukrainian patent attorneys and specialists are filing the documents in due course, so that the said inconveniences affect their clients as little as possible. Of course, you need to check any specific issue with your Ukrainian agent, but the message here is that you may continue to file and protect your IP. Furthermore, a statutory extension of terms due to martial law may compensate most of the inconveniences.

Feel free to contact us if you have any procedure questions during the transition period.