Traditionally, in September, SYNERGY lawyers tell accountants, lawyers and business owners about IP rights protection, different features of the contracts, trends of the judicial and tax practice regarding the taxation of payments for intellectual property rights.

семинар роялти 28.09

During the seminar, which was held on September 28, Juliia Matsyuk, lawyer at SYNERGY, told participants about the trade marks, patents and copyright, risky issues of contracts and improper registration of intellectual property.

семинар роялти 28.09 2

Victoriia Ostapchuk, managing partner at SYNERGY and Anastasiia Radomska, lawyer at SYNERGY, investigate the tax consequences of transactions with royalty, including withholding tax and the application of agreements on avoidance of double taxation of royalty payments to non-residents, the inclusion of royalty in customs value of goods and taxation of operations with the software.

семинар роялти 28.09 3

The most important issue has become the issue of taxation of operations related to the software. Within the seminar, lecturers offered different contractual and tax models of work with computer programs.

семинар роялти 28.09 4

This workshop was very special – timed to coincide with the 11th anniversary of SYNERGY Agency! Therefore, today’s seminar participants received not only useful knowledge, but also a piece of celebratory cake!