Client: online store

Essence: trademark rights protection

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Alisa Krasnobayeva

The protection of the customer’s rights – the online store – on a registered trademark  «» and copyright in the pre-trial order. Violation of rights consisted of the use of a term «» similar to the trademark in a domain name, on a website as well as illegal copying of website design. The agency lawyers successfully implemented the defence strategy, preparation of claims and support of negotiations with the violator. The violator voluntarily fulfilled all the requirements – the violation terminated and the domain name was transferred to the Client.


Vladislav Chechetkin

Our online store is leading on the market of Ukraine. Aiming at protection of our intellectual property rights, we applied to the Patent Law Agency “Synergy” few years ago, and have been successfully cooperating for about 4 years.

Applying to this agency, we know that we are always offered the best way to defend our rights without imposing anything redundant. The agency “Synergy” is a team of highly proficient specialists, whose assistance can always be requested.