Client: SEC Trading House LLC, website

Essence: pre-court copyright protection

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Anastasiia Radomska

The development of a letter demanding the pre-trial suspension of copyright infringement in relation to a source code and website design in the Internet. In order to record a violation, an expert investigation has been conducted in the field of telecommunication systems. As a result of the submitted claim, offenders voluntarily removed the website, which contained copyright violations. Pre-court amicable dispute settlement allowed the customer to avoid expenses for court proceedings.


Kolisnychenko A.A.

Director of SEC Trading House LLC

We applied to Synergy Agency for assistance in copyright protection against unscrupulous competitors. With the help of the agency’s lawyers, we forced the offenders to remove the website, which violated our company’s intellectual property rights, from the Internet and enhanced the protection of our intellectual assets. We thank Synergy Agency for recommendations!