Client: Anzhela Yastreb-Rudenko

Essence: protection against unfair competition

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Daria Skopiuk, Anastasiia Radomska

The agency’s lawyers developed a rights protection strategy for the customer, Anzhela Yastreb-Rudenko, a well-known coach in Ukraine, against unfair competition, which appeared in using the customer’s name on the competitor’s website without her consent and posting misleading information on the website. The dispute was settled out of court by sending a valid claim to the offender, which resulted in the removal of disputable information from the website.


Anzhela Yastreb-Rudenko
WPG Coaching Art Academy

Synergy Agency’s lawyers are handy professionals! They can both register a trademark and draw up an agreement, and helped me to protect my rights within a short time. Whenever I apply to Synergy Agency, I always take helpful advice and simply find pleasure in communicating with girls!