FBE school

Client: Financial Business English School

Essence: protection of copyright

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Alisa Boyko

Filing a claim regarding infringement of copyright of the lecture program of financial English language by posting video of lectures in the Internet. As a result, offenders admitted their guilt and remedied violations on a voluntary basis. Peaceful settlement of the complaint procedure allowed Parties to avoid the additional time and expense.


Pererva Elena, Director of “Financial Business English School”

Financial Business English School (FBE School) specializes in teaching financial English language based on different programs, the task is to educate fluent professional communication on finance topics. As our programs are copyright, we do our best to protect our intellectual property rights on them and prevent any violations thereof.

Lawyers of agency “Synergy” provided great support in the protection of the rights of lectures on financial English language that were taught in the form of webinars. We found out that the videos of our webinars were posted and shared in the Internet without our permission.

Specialists of the agency developed a claim of infringe copyright in the lecture course of the financial English language, which was sent to violators. This helped us to resolve the situation with the offenders very quick, they admitted their guilt.

I want to express my gratitude to the agency “Synergy” for the support and quick and qualified solution of this dispute.