On the 1st of July the most significant event in the field of Intellectual Property (IP) since the beginning of the war took place – the online forum “Intellectual property: potential for the restoration of Ukraine.”

The main goal of the forum was to share the work experience among the representatives of the IP field during the martial law and create a unified view of the field’s potential for the restoration of the country.

The event comprised three discussion sessions: political, business, and law enforcement.

The speakers of the political session discussed the problems and new realities at the national and international levels. One of the issues was the place of Ukraine in the global IP community in light of the status of a candidate for EU membership, which was obtained by Ukraine recently. An important issue was continuing IP cooperation between the Western countries and russia, which is a problematic country in terms of IP protection.

The second session, dedicated to business, allowed lawyers and patent attorneys to share their professional experience gained during the months of the war. Anna Kravchuk took the floor on this topic and shared the experience of Synergy IP Agency. The main issues discussed were the corporate experience of the law firms, priorities in respect of security, and support of the employees.

During the final session, in which Viktoria Ostapchuk was a speaker, the key issues discussed were practical and procedural aspects of the interaction between the IP representatives and business and the National intellectual property office, courts, and forensics, customs, and law enforcement agencies during the war.

During the day of active discussions, it was possible to form a pool of the issues requiring a solution in the first place for the effective functioning of the IP field both during the martial law and in the post-war period, stimulating investments and encouraging the return of the professionals and business to Ukraine.