Exciting discussions, insightful presentations, and a gathering of experts — the II National IP LET FORUM “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: LAW, ECONOMY, TECHNOLOGY” held on December 1-2 in Kyiv was an unparalleled event dedicated solely to intellectual property. Organized by the Ukrainian National Office for Intellectual Property and Innovations (IP office), the forum saw the participation of IP professionals, government representatives, members of the Ministry of Economy, judges, parliamentarians, and business leaders.
The event started with a video message from Habip Asan, WIPO Director of the Division for Transition and Developed Countries. Throughout the forum, engaging discussions and presentations aimed to shape a unified vision for the development of intellectual property and innovation in Ukraine.
Key themes included the harmonization of Ukrainian IP legislation with EU requirements, the role of the IP office, the impact of war on the industry, expectations of businesses, trends in new technology adoption, development of creative industries and the innovation ecosystem in Ukraine. Specific industry sectors like winemaking, plant breeding, and pharmaceuticals were explored. Furthermore, comprehensive discussions on IP protection and strategies for combating counterfeiting took place.
The forum concluded with a session dedicated to the presentation of the IP Office Center of Intellectual Property Law Development, established to streamline, modernize, and enhance Ukrainian IP legislation.
We extend our gratitude to the organizers and speakers for curating an incredibly rich and informative two-day program. A special thanks to all those defending our country, enabling us to conduct such events and contribute to the development of our nation even amid challenging times of war.