On October 19, 2016, Anastasiia RADOMSKA, the Lawyer of IP Law Agency “Synergy”, was among the participants of the Seminar “Transfer Pricing: Theory, Practice, Risks” organized by the Public Council under the Main Directorate of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in the City of Kyiv.

During the event the experienced speakers, an auditor Elena Zhukova; the representatives of the State Fiscal Service Mykola Mishin, the Head of Inspections Division on Transfer Pricing, the Audit Department, and his colleague Susanna Mykhonik; judge of the Kyiv City Circuit Administrative Court Kostyantyn Pashchenko and the President of the Tax Advisors Association Dmytro Mykhailenko acquainted an auditory with actual transfer pricing issues.

It was rather informative and educational forum as along with interesting discussions on discrepancies in tax legislation, the participants of the seminar had a possibility to share their best experience and painful problems from the practice as well as to take advices on their resolution from auditors and State Fiscal Service officials.

The forthcoming tax reform and its possible impact on the procedure of transfer pricing inspections were also among issues discussed during the event. The participants also actively discussed possible changes in the procedure and terms of documentation implementation, problems of a dialogue with fiscal bodies, sanctions’ imposing as well as differences in taxes relating to royalties. The seminar was an excellent opportunity for the attendees to share their best practices on resolving problems related to tax reporting and to receive advices of the experienced speakers on all the issues they were interested in.

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