INTA Annual Meeting – the world’s largest event annually bringing together over 10000 attendees who are somehow related to intellectual property sphere. The Conference of the International Trademark Association is a mega event, preparations to which begin just after the closure of the previous Conference. This year, Seattle was privileged to attract the most brilliant minds in IP area and to host 140th INTA Annual Meeting from May 19-23. That’s exactly where the Managing Partner of Synergy IP Law Agency Viktoriia Ostapchuk took the road.

Having seen the schedule of Viktoriia before the trip one would think that it is nothing but a quest. And, in a way, that was really so. The Conference lasts 5 days, and during this time it is necessary to meet clients and partners, to discuss options for cooperation, to attend as much as possible receptions and, sure, to take part in educational sessions and round tables. Also, while in Seattle, it is impossible not to enjoy the city and its scenery. Therefore, INTA Annual Meeting – it’s likely a quest-marathon «Don’t sleep, do everything that was planned and stay alive» that was successfully passed by Viktoriia.

During 5 days of the Conference Viktoriia had numerous meetings with clients and partners from different countries, took part in the general meeting and educational sessions of INTA Copyright Committee, of which she is a member, attended the receptions organized by INTA and various IP companies, and much, much more.

It is hard to overemphasize all the opportunities that this event provides annually for the professionals in IP sphere. It is an excellent possibility to exchange experience and best practices, to make new useful acquaintances, to widen and maintain your partnership contacts worldwide. But picture is worth a thousand words. That is why we invite you to take a look at the event photo report (or preferably just to attend the next 141st INTA Annual Meeting 2019 in Boston).

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