02.08.2016On July 29, 2016 was held a roundtable discussion within the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine on “The Practice of Forensic Examination in the Field of Intellectual Property”. Anastasiia Radomska, lawyer at IP Law Agency “Synergy”, visited the event.

Although the holiday season is in full swing, many patent attorneys, IP lawyers and barristers came to discuss forensic examination.

They talked about everyday concerns: the lack of professional forensic experts, high-level value of the qualifying examination, the absence of uniform practice, as well as lack of understanding of the importance of proper collection of evidence by law enforcement agencies in criminal proceedings.

The participants expressed the hope that the new IP Supreme Court will solve most of the issues that arise in forensic expertise, and judges will not appoint it in some categories of cases, which do not require a special in-depth knowledge.

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