Client: Winner Imports Ukraine, LLC

Essence: Well-known TM recognition

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Victoriia Germasheva

Result: Recognition of mark “Winner” well-known

Representation of the client’s interests before the Appeals Chamber of Patent Office of Ukraine regarding the recognition of the trademark “Winner” well-known. The Client – Winner Imports Ukraine, coordinator of the Winner dealer network with more than 50 dealer centers in Ukraine, responsible for the import and wholesale of Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porshe cars.

Provided legal support included:

– coordination and assistance in collecting evidence for recognizing trademarks as well-known;

– Systematization, analysis and selection of evidence;

– Preparation and filing of an application for recognizing a trademark as well-known to the Appeals Chamber of the Patent Office of Ukraine;

– Participation in sessions of the Appeals Chamber to consider the application.

The Appeals Chamber of the Patent Office of Ukraine recognized the Client’s trademark as well-known on the basis of the following evidence base:

– Constituent documents of the Client;

– Client’s recognitions and awards for activities on the territory of Ukraine;

– Photo and video evidence of special events held by the Client on various occasions;

– screenshots confirming the presence of the Client’s sites on the Internet for different periods, site traffic statistics;

– certificates and letters from the Client’s partners;

– contracts with clients and partners;

– contracts for ordering advertising services, confirmation of advertising costs, etc.

As a result, the Appeals Chamber made a favorable decision on the recognition of mark “Winner” well-known in Ukraine regarding services of 35 class (cars import and other related services) and 37 class (car maintenance).