Client: AniArt

Essence: execution of contractual model on creation of website

Specialists: Viktoriya Ostapchuk, Alisa Krasnobayeva

Development and execution of the contractual model on creating of a website online store between the client – developer of high-tech Internet projects in the field of e-commerce and corporate portals, – and nonresident customer, considering the optimal taxation conditions for both parties. The support of negotiations on model implementation with a customer.


The “AniArt” company team

While executing the relations concerning the development of the website with nonresident customer it became necessary to attract qualified professionals in connection with the nuances of taxation. We contacted the “Synergy” agency and did not regret it since we were very satisfied with the cooperation. The agency experts helped us to develop, agree with the client and reflect convenient and beneficial conditions in the agreement. The “AniArt” company is grateful to the agency for the work done!