Client: 1С-Bitrix

Essence: establishment of contractual relationships on distribution of software products

Specialists: Vikrotiya Ostapchuk, Anna Kravchuk, Alisa Boyko

Consulting and legal arrangements for contractual relationships between the Russian office and the Ukrainian office of one of the leading developers of web-projects and enterprise portals management systems – 1C-Bitrix Company. The aspects of contractual relationships — licensing of software products for further distribution within the territory of Ukraine; interaction and cooperation with programmers. In terms of taxation and IT business practices, the optimal conditions were reflected in contractual work models.


Dmitriy Suslov, Director of the Ukrainian office of 1-C Bitrix Company

Convenient and legal work models have always been a priority for 1C-Bitrix Company. It is very difficult to achieve that in the IT field. But lawyers of the agency “Synergy” managed to help us with finding optimal models for software licensing and supply agreements. In the process of development of required documents, lawyers considered both specific features of our activities and prevailing market practices, as well as taxation policy in the IT field. It is unlikely any other company would help us better with solving such difficult tasks than Synergy.