The IT field in Ukraine is not only potential of gifted and attractive to worldwide customers programmers but also a community of professionals, assisting them in working and surviving in the Ukrainian reality.

Although the IT and Internet law, unlike programming basics, is not taught in higher schools, Ukrainian lawyers actively study, develop and establish practice in these areas. They represent a tight-knit team with the primary focus on lobbying for IT business interests and searching for ways of its safe and efficient operation in Ukraine.

08.04Therefore, the Conference on IT Law #‎ubaITconf, conducted on March 8 thanks to the Ukrainian Bar Association and active members of its Committee on Telecommunications, IT and Internet, was held as a meeting of like-minded friends. The very unprecedentedly large number of posts on Facebook with delighted and grateful comments speaks volumes. The IT and Internet protection in our country is probably one of few law fields, in which lawyers are not rivals to each other but unite to solve many challenging issues in this area.

The conference gathered over 300 participants and the most competent speakers in this field. Synergy Agency’s Managing Partner Viktoriia Ostapchuk and Partner Anna Kravchuk were also invited as speakers and told about the special aspects of IT products royalty regulation and peculiarities of stated claims in domain names disputes.

It is worth mentioning that all speakers and materials presented at the conference were highly professional, and each of them is noteworthy. The event showed that the best efforts and dedication of each lawyer, interested in the development of IT field, established a highly competent and, just as important, hearty community of professionals, who are ready to jointly build the legal support for IT and Internet business in Ukraine.

A special thanks to the event coordinator, gifted lawyer Mykyta Polatayko for his absolute commitment and inspiring energy! We wish him happy birthday and never to lose the enthusiasm he treats his work with!

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