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Anastasiia Zaitseva


Practicing lawyer of contractual relations and disputes settlement

Specializes in drafting of intellectual property agreements and other types of agreements; preparation of claims, suits, support of cases consideration in courts; preparation of consultations, legal opinions based on analysis of the current legislation and judicial practice. She is a member of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Ukrainian Bar Association”.

Graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, majoring in “Intellectual Property”. She has successfully completed the course “Fundamentals of Intellectual Property” of the WIPO Academy (World Intellectual Property Organization) (2016).

Reports and publications:

Participation in the International Research and Practice Conference “Current issues of the State in Ukraine” in the Intellectual Property Section with a speech “Website as a Copyright Item”.

«Challenging Aspects of the Legal Protection of Non-Traditional Trademarks: Shape Trademarks», portal IPWatchdog.

«Challenging Aspects of Protecting of Non-Traditional Trademarks: The Five Senses and Trademarks», portal IPWatchdog.

Problems of Determining Court Jurisdiction in the Field of Trademark Intellectual Property Rights; Journal ‘Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property’

Terminological Aspects of Trademark Notion; All-Ukrainian Research and Practice Conference ‘New Tasks and Development Trends of Legal Science in the 21st Century’

Right of Trademark Prior User; International Research and Practice Conference ‘Current Issues of Development and Interaction of Public and Private Law’

Types of Trademarks and Their Legal Meaning; International Research and Practice Conference ‘National Legal Science in Contemporary Context’

Current Aspects of Non-conventional Trademarks; International Research and Practice Conference ‘Legal System of Ukraine: Contemporary Trends and Development Factors’

A few words about:

I truly love the area of the intellectual property and creativity, in addition to, I travel, go in for sports and try to get the most out of life.

Brief interview:

1.Do you see any alternatives of your current occupation? If you have a chance to be engaged in something else, what will you choose?

When I was a child, I studied in the Academy of Arts and I was convinced that my profession would be connected with the art. I can say that my child’s dream has come true, as the intellectual property is directly connected with artistic people, and the lawyer’s occupation requires creative and individual approach to each particular case. I like my job, and currently I see no alternative.

2. What does bring a pleasure in the lawyer’s work?

Searching for solutions in challenging and exceptional situations.

3. What is the greatest person you would like to meet with?

It would be interesting to speak to Elon Musk.

4. What is your motto? Do you have one?

A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. (Walter Bagehot).

5. What place would you like to visit, if you find the time machine and why?

I like to live here and now, I would not travel through time, as could miss a lot of interesting for that period, currently happen in my life.