It is planned to increase the amounts of fees for actions related to the protection of rights to intellectual property objects in Ukraine

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine has published on its Website the Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from December 27, 2001 № 1756 and from December 23, 2004 № 1716”. This Draft Resolution is aimed at substantial increase of the state fees for the registration of intellectual property objects and related thereto actions.

In particular, it is planned to fix the following amounts of certain fees:

  • For filing an application for a trademark for one class of the International Classification of Goods and Services by one applicant – 4000 UAH (at present – 1000 UAH); for each additional class: + 4000 UAH (at present time: + 1000 UAH);
  • For prolongation of lifetime of a certificate for a trademark for each class – 12000 UAH (at present – 3000 UAH);
  • For preparation for the state registration of copyright object – 255 UAH for natural persons and 510 UAH for legal entities (at present – 55,25 UAH and 161,50 UAH respectively);

– For filing an application for an invention – 1600 UAH (at present – 800 UAH); for a utility model – 2400 UAH (at present – 800 UAH); for an industrial design – 1600 UAH (at present – 800 UAH).

At present, the Draft Resolution is at the stage of discussion and within a month the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine will be collecting comments and proposals with regard to the Draft Resolution.

In general, the increase of amounts of fees for actions related to intellectual property objects’ protection is expected and necessary as currently effective fees were fixed in 2007. At the same time, a number of applicants and patent attorneys are concerned about such a jump of fees’ amounts, in particular with regard to certain actions. Moreover, the issue on the transparency of intellectual property system in our country is still a pressing one. It is necessary to understand for which needs the increased amounts of fees will be further forwarded, what are the primary goals and time frames that face Ukrpatent, how Ukrpatent will report back to the society for performing the tasks and keeping of terms.

The new amounts of fees provided by the Draft Resolution should be analyzed in details and discussed by experts in the sphere of intellectual property with regard to their reasonability and conformity to the assigned tasks. Since then, the relevant remarks and proposals will be submitted in order to maintain a balance between the interests of the state and applicants.

You may get acquainted with the Draft Resolution and offer your opinion on its adoption by the following reference: