Agreements and consultations

Our Agency’s patent attorneys and lawyers will prepare and analyze draft agreements for you and, if necessary, register the agreements with the competent national authorities of Ukraine. We work with agreements related to intellectual property, as well as with general business contracts.

Please contact us if you need to:

– draft a rights assignment agreement or a license agreement with respect to intellectual property or other types of agreements depending on your situation and needs; or

– conduct a legal analysis of a currently effective agreement and receive recommendations on any modifications/amendments thereto; or

– draft a new franchise agreement or analyze a currently effective one; or

– develop a franchise scheme; or

– register agreements with the competent national authorities of Ukraine; or

– hire legal assistance for negotiations over execution of an agreement related to intellectual property; or

– seek consultations on potential and expedient terms and conditions of various types of agreements (preparation for negotiations); or

– seek advice on the taxation of a transaction, including under the royalty taxation procedure and including payment of royalties to a non-resident; or

– develop an operational scheme related to royalties (the rightholder, the royalty beneficiary, suitable jurisdictions if payments are to be made to non-residents, the item usage mode); or

– obtain a cost verification certificate from the state information and analytical company Derzhzovnishinform.

All aspects of the contract are thoroughly analyzed by our Agency’s lawyers in the course of preparation of a draft agreement. The client is ultimately provided with the draft agreement (along with all initial agreement-related documentation) and written advice on registration and taxation issues, as well as written requests for necessary supporting documents from the counterparty, if necessary.


Our patent attorneys and lawyers are ready to advise you on any matters related to intellectual property, economic law, and protection of your legal rights and interests in the territory of Ukraine.

On top of that, we provide detailed legal opinions on all issues related to intellectual property rights taking into account the established Ukrainian judicial practice.

For more detailed information about our services, you can directly contact our Agency’s lawyers. CONTACT US