Client: SK Tuote OY

Essence: trademark rights protection

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Alisa Berestovskaya

Protecting the interests of the client – SK Tuote OY (a leading company in development and manufacture of roofing supplies and fixings for thermal and waterproofing in Finland) in a court...

Essence: protection of intellectual property rights of trademark and domain names in court

Specialists: Viktoriya Ostapchuk, Anna Kravchuk, Alina Berestovska

Representing the client in court in lawsuit to invalidate the certificate for the mark for goods and services registered in favor of persons not relating to the client, transfer of...

Client: Knaipa Pro Group

Essence: development and execution of a model agreement for software distribution

Specialists: Viktoriia Ostapchuk, Alisa Boiko

The development of a model agreement between a non-resident copyright holder, customer, dealers and customer’s partners in relation to business process management software distribution by delivering it to the territory...

Client: Hutsul Art

Essence: development of agreements

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Alina Berestovska, Olga Kreshenko

Full legal protection of the musical project: from trademark registration to the development of agreements on the creation and transfer of rights to musical works, performances and soundtrack.

Client: Financial Business English School

Essence: protection of copyright

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Alisa Boyko

Filing a claim regarding infringement of copyright of the lecture program of financial English language by posting video of lectures in the Internet. As a result, offenders admitted their guilt...

Client: «UDC Liсensing Agency»

Essence: character licensing

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk

Legal support of LLC “UDC” on licensing famous cartoon characters. Protection of customer rights to characters.

Client: «IQ taxi»

Essence: legal startup support

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Alina Berestovskaya

Legal support of IQ Taxi startup – a mobile application for calling a taxi by a mobile phone without contacting an operator. A legal opinion was made for the client...


Essence: legal support

Specialists: Anna Kravchuk, Alisa Boyko

Legal support of Kuda Ugodno Travel Company. The franchising model on working with travel agents was developed for the client, which is being actively implemented today. The company provides a...

Client: Oleg Bazhenov

Essence: CardKit mobile application

Specialists: Viktoriya Ostapchuk, Alisa Boyko

Legal arrangements for the Cardkit project – a mobile application allowing users to keep all discount cards in electronic form in a mobile device. Contractual relationships were established between the...

Client: ARCADA

Essence: establishment of contractual relationships on distribution of software products

Specialists: Vikrotiya Ostapchuk, Anna Kravchuk, Alisa Boyko

Consulting and legal arrangements for contractual relationships of JSC “Arcada” – an integrated solutions provider for automation of design organizations and industrial enterprises, concerning supply and licensing of software from...