This Privacy Policy sets forth mandatory conditions for the processing and protection by Synergy Patent Law Agency of information received from clients.


When you visit the website (the “Website”), Synergy PLA can apply cookies and other similar technologies that automatically collect information about you without your identification, including information about the model, operating system version, IP-address or another unique device identifier, settings, browser type and language, visited pages of the Website, the date and time of such visit, the date and time of URL clicks.

You can configure your web browser in such a way as to block cookies, however, in case of refusing cookies, certain functions and services of the Website may not work properly.

Synergy PLA guarantees that the data collected by cookies and other similar technologies may be used exclusively to provide a more comfortable and personalized use of the Website, as well as to analyze and evaluate the performance of the Website and to enhance its functionality, quality and safety.


You can use the Website without disclosing your personal data. However, without your personal data, it is impossible to provide you with the services offered on the Website, and Synergy PLA has the right not to perform any actions until receiving the necessary data.

In order to provide legal services properly, Synergy PLA processes the following personal data:

– surname, first name and patronymic name;

– date of birth;

– place of residence;

– passport details;

– taxpayer’s registration card number (identification number);

– contact phone number;

– e-mail address;

– banking details; and

– other data that you can provide voluntarily.

The basis for the processing of your personal data is your voluntary Consent to Personal Data Processing, which is confirmed by your implicative actions involving the provision of Synergy PLA with your personal data.

Your personal data is to be included in the personal database “Clients” and can be processed by Synergy PLA by any ways established by the legislation of Ukraine in accordance with the conditions set out in the Consent to Personal Data Processing.

By submitting your personal data, you guarantee that this data is and will remain true, accurate, complete and up to date.

You agree that if you provide any false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information, Synergy PLA will have the right to deny any further use of the Website and the provision of services, as well as to recover from you all incurred losses and other costs associated with the provision of false information from your side.

Synergy PLA undertakes to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against unlawful processing. However, Synergy PLA cannot guarantee the safety of your personal data during their delivery and/or receipt and further processing.

You can preserve the desired personal data confidentiality by using the software and hardware component that allows protecting the information transmitted and received by Synergy PLA against illegal access.

Synergy PLA will not be responsible for any negative consequences of a breach of the personal data confidentiality if you voluntarily provide your personal data for general public access.


All information on the financial, technical, industrial, commercial, institutional, legal and other aspects of your business that becomes known to Synergy PLA during negotiations, as well as in the process of providing legal services and performing legal actions, is confidential (“Confidential Information”).

Synergy PLA undertakes not to disclose any Confidential Information without your written consent, except in the following cases:

– provision of Confidential Information to the employees of Synergy PLA and its authorized representatives to the extent necessary to perform their duties;

– receipt of a written request from the competent public authority of Ukraine, the response to which requires disclosure of the Confidential Information;

– fulfillment by Synergy PLA of its obligations to you;

– use of the Confidential Information in order to obtain banking services to the extent necessary for the bank to provide its services to Synergy PLA;

– submission by Synergy PLA of a request to the relevant authorities seeking protection of its rights and/or interests; and

– other cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

If you are interested in formalizing the confidentiality requirements in the form of a contractual obligation, Synergy PLA will offer you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with the appended form of the Confidential Information Delivery and Acceptance Certificate.