Alisa Krasnobayeva

Marketing and PR Manager

Specializes in company’s and legal services’ positioning and promotion issues. Responsible for creative input and brainstorming.

Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman with a Master’s Degree in Legal Regulation of
Economy. Graduated from the Institute of Intellectual Property of the National University “Odesa Law Academy” with a Specialist’s Degree in Intellectual Property

Presentations and publications:

  • Speaker at the seminar “Website Formula: Successful Internet-Shop from A to Z”, 2013г.
  • Speaker on the topic “Legal Aspects of Internet-Shop Management” for the participants of the course “Internet-Shops Management” in Advertising School, 7 November, 2013;
  • Speaker at the seminar “Everything About Royalties for Enterprises”;
  • Speaker at the seminar “Non-Residents: New Rules, Intellectual Emphasizes”, 27 May, 2015.

The author of publications:

  • “Intellectual property in M&A transactions and peculiarities of the transfer of rights thereto” in the Practical Guidance: M&A Transactions in Ukraine. Legal Aspects (Edition II), 2011 – p. 88-100;
  • Brand Name vs Trademark“;
  • “Pitfalls in Distributors’ Work”;
  • “Tangible Representation of Program Products with the Purpose of Delivery Exemption from VAT”;
  • “How to Sell Intellectual Property if a Spouse is Against This”;
  • “TV-Format or TV-Pirate”.

A few words about:

Realist. I like analytical work and diving into the search and evaluation of ideas. I try to refrain from impulsiveness and always to weigh the pros and cons in decision-making. I like comfort in all its forms.

Brief Interview:

1. Do you see any alternatives to your current profession? If you have a chance to be engaged in something else, what will you choose?

Life always interferes itself. I was a lawyer and now I am already a marketing manager. In another life (and, maybe, in this life, who knows) I would like to own a small bakery-confectionery.

2. What does bring you a pleasure in the lawyer’s work?

When everything goes as planned.

3. Who is the greatest person you would like to meet with?

With Freddie Mercury and to listen to him live.

4. What is your motto? Do you have one?

Hope for the best; prepare for the worst.

5. What place would you like to visit, if you find the time machine and why?

I would visit Queen concert 🙂